Coronavirus: Wuhan to shut public transport over outbreak Wuhan, a city of eleven million, is to temporarily shut public transport amid the outbreak.

Scientists discover 'why stress turns hair white' Acute stress damages stem cells that control hair and skin colour, a study suggests.

Cardiff hospital trials cooling patients after cardiac arrest Andrew Barnett is backing a trial at a hospital a year after he nearly died while playing football.

Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer' Research is at an early stage but scientists said it had huge potential for destroying cancers.

Sperm donations from dead men should be allowed, study says Research suggests the method could help curb a growing shortage of UK donations.

Call to tax 'hidden' sugar in pre-mixed alcoholic drinks Some cans of spirits and cocktails sold in shops and supermarkets contain eight teaspoons of sugar.

NHS faces huge clinical negligence legal fees bill Doctors' groups say the current system is not fit for purpose and requires "fundamental" reform.

'Alarming' one in five deaths due to sepsis The most detailed study of sepsis shows it is a much bigger problem than previously thought.

Miscarriage can lead to 'long-term post-traumatic stress' One in six women suffer post-traumatic stress for months after losing a baby, research suggests.

New China virus: Your questions answered Are airports screening arrivals? Can the virus affect anyone who has travelled to China recently?

Coronavirus: How worried should we be? Hundreds of people people have been infected with a newly-discovered virus.

Being born with no smell: 'I don't know what food tastes like' Only around 5% of the population suffer from a smell disorder, but it doesn't just affect your nose.

Fake drugs: How bad is Africa’s counterfeit medicine problem? Seven African countries are meeting in Togo to tackle the issue of fake drugs.

Dementia: Does heading a football cause the disease? Concerns are growing that heading a football may increase the risk of players developing dementia.

China coronavirus: What we know so far The BBC's online health editor explains what we know about the coronavirus.

New China virus: 'Wash your hands, be honest with your doctors' A public health expert gives advice on how to try and avoid infection from the new China virus.

Mental health: How to spot if you are suffering 'burnout' Nerina Ramlakhan explains the four signs of burnout that people can exhibit, due to stress at work.

‘I used gender transition as a form of escape’ Richard Hoskins says he was not properly assessed, and his transition was a reaction to having lost three children.

Newcastle children talk mental health thanks to puppets The show is touring schools and is being used to spot early signs of issues.