'Revolutionary' new class of cancer drugs approved The drugs can attack a range of cancers, rather than those in just one part of the body.

Medical cannabis product approved for epilepsy Epidyolex is an oral solution of cannabidiol that comes from the cannabis plant.

Mediator: French weight-loss drug trial over ‘up to 2,000’ deaths begins Experts believe the drug could have killed between 500 and 2,000 people before it was banned.

'Cancer treatment broke my heart, but I've survived' Kreena developed heart failure after being treated for cancer - but has made a remarkable recovery.

Labour pledges free personal care for over-65s in England Help with dressing, washing and meals will be paid for by the state in England, costing £6bn a year.

Vaginal birth and Caesarean: Differences in babies' bacteria New findings may help explain why some Caesarean babies are more at risk of certain diseases.

Sertraline: Antidepressant works 'by reducing anxiety symptoms first' A study of patients taking the common antidepressant sertraline throws new light on how it works.

India e-cigarettes: Ban announced to prevent youth 'epidemic' The government says vaping poses a health risk to the young, rather than an alternative to smoking.

Efforts to cut sugar out of food way off target Soft drinks have 29% less sugar on average since a levy was imposed, but we're eating more sugary food.

Baby Pia: Almost 1m Belgians pay for life-saving drug Phone donations are made in Belgium to help treat nine-month-old Pia's rare condition.

Does fat shaming help people lose weight? Fat chance - the evidence says fat shaming is more likely to lead people to put on weight.

Dissociative Identity Disorder: The woman who created 2,500 personalities to survive Jeni Haynes built multiple personalities to survive abuse - their testimony helped convict her father.

My 'anxiety' was actually a rare heart condition Arlene Leitch says her heart palpitations were put down as anxiety until she had a cardiac arrest.

How tracking menstrual cycles helps women in sport Understanding women's bodies better is helping to improve their sporting performance.

Student with stoma accused by Wetherspoons staff of taking drugs Amber Davies says staff at a Wetherspoons pub questioned why she was using a disabled toilet.

The brain nutrient vegans need to know about People on vegan or plant-based diets must ensure they are getting enough choline, say experts.

We are Stoke-on-Trent: The young carers looking after mum Three sisters are young carers for their mum who has MS and epilepsy.

Orkambi: Cystic fibrosis drug buyers' club travels to Argentina Parents of children with the condition flew 7,300 miles to buy a "life-saving" drug unavailable on the NHS in England.

Boy with skin-peeling condition sent 18,000 cards Rhys has epidermolysis bullosa, a painful, life-limiting condition that has left him unable to walk.

The snakebite squad: Saving lives on two wheels Kenya's motorbike ambulances are saving the lives and limbs of people bitten by snakes

Boris Johnson confronted on east London hospital visit The father and Labour activist said the children's ward was understaffed and the NHS was being destroyed.