Two female loos for every male one, experts recommend With more urinals than cubicles, men - unlike women - rarely queue, a report says.

Aspirin 'safe' for brain-bleed strokes Patients can take aspirin without raising their risk of another stroke, a study suggests.

I lost my arms and legs - stop it happening to others Sepsis survivor Tom Ray wants better awareness and faster diagnosis of the potentially deadly disease.

Vincent Lambert: French doctors begin halting life support France is divided over the case of Vincent Lambert, who has been in a vegetative state since 2008.

Colluding drug firms 'cost the NHS millions of pounds' The competition regulator says that four drugs firms forced the price of an anti-nausea tablet up by 700%.

St Andrew's Healthcare: Up to 50 patients stuck in secure units The mental health hospital charity cares for those with mental health and learning difficulties.

Heart scan 'could pick up signs of sudden death risk' Researchers used detailed images of the heart to look for signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Artificial intelligence diagnoses lung cancer AI appears better than specialist doctors at diagnosing the disease from lung scans, say researchers.

Liposuction rise linked to gym wear trend More women are seeking surgery, possibly to get a body that looks good in trendy gym clothing, says surgeon.

Don't be complacent over laughing gas risks, say nurses Nurses are warning drug use can cause breathing and heart problems - and sometimes death.

Too many children in mental health hospitals, says report A lack of support in schools and the community in England is contributing to the problem, says a report.

Bowel cancer rates rising 'among young adults' If the trend continues, age screening guidelines may need to be reconsidered, researchers say.

Spina bifida: Keyhole surgery repairs baby spine in womb Doctors say the surgery could be the difference between some children learning to walk or not.

We Are Middlesbrough: Pregnant teenagers tell their story Robyn used to drink and smoke marijuana, but says her impending little girl changed her life.

I never met my daughter's dad - she was his dying wish Liat Malka was 35 and single when she decided she wanted a child. The sperm donor she found had died five years previously.

Light and the circadian rhythm: The key to a good night's sleep? Getting enough sleep is fundamental to our wellbeing, but one key factor is often overlooked.

Chiari malformation: ‘I went from travel-obsessed to bedridden' Hailey wanted to travel the world as a doctor, until a mystery condition left her shaking uncontrollably.

What does the menopause do to the body? The brain, heart, bones and skin can all be affected by the hormonal changes brought on by the menopause.

ADHD: ‘The web comics that show what my life is like’ Dani Donovan's drawings, showing what it's like to have ADHD, have resonated with many online.

The hidden world of the doctors Cuba sends overseas Thousands of Cuban doctors work in healthcare missions around the world. Some medics say conditions can be nightmarish.

Hollywood tech helps injured military personnel The cutting edge Hollywood technology being used to help rehabilitate injured military personnel.

Deborah James: Five symptoms of bowel cancer The co-host of You, Me and the Big C podcast on her stage 4 bowel cancer.

Care minister Caroline Dinenage 'deeply sorry' over hospital abuse Caroline Dinenage MP calls treatment of vulnerable patients in NHS-funded hospital "appalling".

'Acne does not define me' Abigail has faced abuse from strangers because of her cystic acne but is now fighting back using social media.

Mum whose baby died speaks of pain of hearing others cry Lynette Parkes lost her baby at seven months and spoke of the added pain of hearing other newborns cry nearby.

Migraine: What happens in the brain when you have one? It's estimated that one in seven people are affected by migraines.