DR Congo Ebola outbreak declared global health emergency The rare declaration comes after Ebola killed more than 1,600 people in the DR Congo.

Tafida Raqeeb: Parents bid to get daughter treated in Italy Doctors treating Tafida Raqeeb in the UK have said it is in her best interests to be allowed to die.

Anorexia stems from body as well as mind – study The eating disorder charity Beat said the findings were groundbreaking.

Dementia: Lifestyle changes that could lower your risk Research suggests up to a third of cases may be preventable with lifestyle changes.

Ebola in DR Congo: Case confirmed in Goma The World Health Organization says the news could be a game-changer because of the population density.

Does 5G pose health risks? Exposure from mobile networks including 5G fall well below limits set by international regulators.

Ministers may advise on how much sleep people need The advice is expected to form part of a series of proposals aimed at improving public health.

Good gut bacteria 'helps starving children' A diet of bananas and peanuts boosted key gut microbes in Bangladeshi children, a study found.

Ebola in DR Congo: Fear and mistrust stalk battle to halt outbreak A snapshot from Butembo in DR Congo - one of the frontlines in the fight against the deadly virus.

Wymondham girl, 10, making full recovery from stroke Holly Browning lost feeling in her arm and couldn't speak.

'I spotted a lump when preparing for my ritual bath' Why female mikveh or ritual bath attendants are being trained to look out for signs of cancer and domestic violence.

'My mother died without telling me I had HIV' Some parents in Kenya take their secrets to the grave, leaving their children ignorant and unwell.

Paul Gascoigne v Snoop Dogg: Is cannabis or alcohol worse for you? A debate has broken out after Snoop Dogg posted a photo of himself and Paul Gascoigne on Instagram.

Medicinal cannabis: The family that changed Australia's debate Their heartrending story shifted perceptions on medical cannabis - but, they argue, not far enough.

E-cigarettes: How safe are they? They are much less harmful than smoking, despite a ban on sales of e-cigarettes in one US city.

'My bulimia was hidden by my normal weight' Lee Donald says eating disorders can go unnoticed because too many associate them with being underweight.

Conjoined twins: Sisters meet surgeons who separated them Ritaj and Rital were born joined at the head. They're reunited with the doctors who saved their lives.

'We need to know more on surgery for war-zone children' A new medical guide aims to improve the chances of saving children's lives, and limbs, in war zones.

Conjoined twins: How doctors separated twins joined at the head Exclusive access to Great Ormond Street as surgeons worked to separate two girls who shared a skull.

Trieste’s mental health revolution: 'It’s the best place to get sick' Ideas from a mental health 'revolution' in Trieste in the 1970s are helping patients recover today.

Waterloo battlefield therapy for British war veterans Servicemen and women trying to overcome the effects of war are digging at the Battle of Waterloo site.