Macular degeneration: 'I've been given my sight back' Two patients have had pioneering stem cell therapy to restore their vision.

I had a transplant after my hairstyle made me go bald MC Paigey Cakey says she feels "empowered" after having a hair transplant because she had traction alopecia.

Men with low sperm counts at increased risk of illness, study suggests A study finds men with low sperm counts are more likely to have health issues that put them at risk.

Alfie Dingley's medical cannabis petition to be handed to government Alfie Dingley is six - his family want him to be able to use medical cannabis to manage his epilepsy.

Class A drugs 'brought in for patients' at Essex mental health trust The BBC uncovers allegations that staff at an Essex mental health trust supplied vulnerable patients.

More evidence essential oils 'make male breasts develop' A study finds chemicals in lavender and tea tree oil appear to be hormone disruptors.

Hawking: Did he change views on disability? "I think he's done more than anyone else," says a former student.

Platypus milk: How it could combat superbugs The weird semi-aquatic creature's milk could lead to the creation of a new type of antibiotic.

First steps taken for vaccine pills Researchers hope it could pave the way for needle-free inoculations for lots of different diseases.

TV anchor Andrea McLean: 'Give menopausal women M badges' ITV's Andrea McLean, who reached early menopause, tells commuters to cut hot flush sufferers "slack".

Muscle loss in old age linked to fewer nerve signals Research finds that nerves controlling the legs decrease by around 30% by the age of 75.

Call for Alfie Dingley to be allowed medicinal cannabis A mother shows the bruises from her "aggressive and angry" six-year-old son in the campaign for a special licence to use medicinal cannabis to treat his epilepsy.

Patient and medics tackle Sahara race for Air Ambulance Medics and a former patient take on a gruelling Sahara race to raise funds for London Air Ambulance.

Teenagers with HIV: 'Just a little illness' Missed sleepovers, exam issues, secrets from siblings - the challenges of growing up with HIV.

Cannabis oil: Meet the woman taking it for breast cancer recovery Nikki Bednall says she takes cannabis oil through "desperation not recreation" after her breast cancer.

Chantelle Millward on Orkambi drug for cystic fibrosis patients MPs are debating a petition calling for all people with cystic fibrosis to be given the life-changing, but very expensive, drug.

'Game changer' treatment for Multiple Sclerosis patients Louise Willetts says she is completely well following treatment that was originally used on cancer patients.

What does your knee sound like inside? A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology is developing a stethoscope for your knees.

Living healthily in Qatar: Why's it hard? In Qatar, over 70% of the population is overweight or obese.

Girls' guide to what a 'normal' vulva looks like The online reference tool, designed by health experts, aims to stem the cosmetic surgery "designer vagina" trend.

What are opioids and what are the risks? Donald Trump has announced plans to tackle the opioid crisis. What are they and why are they a problem?

Bad blood: The rise and fall of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes How a woman came up with an idea that could have revolutionised blood testing - if it had worked.

'Nappies are like clothes, it's a fashion thing' How Mexican entrepreneur Ixchel Anaya launched a reusable nappies business that exports around the globe.

Why is spitting so bad? Why are people so upset at the video of football pundit Jamie Carragher spitting?

'My periods made me suicidal so I had a hysterectomy at 28' For years, Lucie was treated for mental health problems - in fact she had a severe form of premenstrual syndrome.

Russian spy: What are nerve agents and what do they do? A nerve agent was used to poison a Russian former spy and his daughter. What are they and what do they do?

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